​Land Development

I.    ​ Site Grading Plans for the purpose of obtaining site development and coastal development permits.

II.   Grading Plans for the purpose of bonded grading permit including earth works calculations, BMPs, and bonding cost estimate.

III.  Public Improvement Plans for the purpose of preparing construction plans for water, sewer, drainage, and road improvements to include curb and gutter design.

I.     Drainage Reports to include hydrology and hydraulics studies for the purpose of analyzing the surface runoff from storm events and to design the adequate storm drains facilities.

II.   Water Quality Technical Reports to comply with storm water management regulations.

Engineering Reports

Right of Way (ROW) Permits

I.     Construction Plans.

II.    Traffic Control Plans.

III.  Traffic Signals Plans.

Building Design Services

I.     New homes and home addition designs.

II.   ​ Structural engineering calculations, plans, and details.

Retaining Wall Designs and Plans:

I.     Help clients in resolving code violations. 

Technical and Inspection Reports:

I.     Grading Plans.

II.   ​ Property Line Fence.